Occupational Safety

Database of trainings. Easy to manage and assign trainings and toolboxes to workers.

People Management

Management of workers’ data, including all necessary documents,  qualifications etc. System creates skill based database.

Project management

Fully automated business process from offers to invoices. Offer based automated task creation, timer and easy reporting of working hours.

and Clients

Environment for clients and subcontractors. Realtime overview of all works included in the project and opportunity to enter orders and works. Clients and subcontractors can automatically accept reports, which are base for invoicing.

Sarp has ton’s of great functions! Every single one of them is unique and makes your life easier.


  • Realtime – workers on site
  • Working hours
  • Ongoing tasks
  • Ongoing rentals
  • Current turnover
  • Current profit
  • News


  • Environment for client
  • Overview of realtime works and rentals
  • Entering orders
  • Signing offers
  • Signing reports and invoice permissions


  • Management
  • Contracts and pricelists
  • Automatic time- and worksheets
  • Process of accepting invoice permissions
  • Environment for subcontractors (workers, offers, invoices, reports, time- and worksheets)


  • Management of trainings
  • Assignment of roles and rights based trainings
  • Signing of completed trainings
  • Reports of passed trainings


  • Management by departments
  • Budgets and reports
  • Whole project documentation in one place
  • Realtime project overview


  • Management by projects and departments
  • Detailed reporting based on contracts


  • Management of sales
  • Automated approval process for clients
  • Creating subcontractor contracts
  • Creating procurement to the subcontractor from the offer


  • Overview of all offer objects
  • Sale/rental of equipment, products, materials etc.
  • Works related to products/rentals

Work management

  • Assignment of offer/order-based work
  • Possibility to manage unit, hour and contract works
  • Filling and signing of work-based risk, safety and quality forms
  • Management of work-based working hours
  • Management of sheets of working hours
  • Automated invoicing with subcontractors
  • iOS and Android app for entering working hours


  • Detailed acceptance report for invoicing
  • Overview of all works, profitability, budget execution
  • Overview of all rentals
  • Financial reports by departments, by projects, by contracts
  • Realtime overview of revenues (not invoiced/settled by client)
  • Realtime cost overview (paid/not paid by subcontractor)
  • Automated email notifications

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